Trevor fucks Jake's Hole

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Description: Jake tells his girlfriend back home that he's hanging with his frat buddy Trevor. Boy is she clueless. He's recently learned that Trevor sucks cock so much better than she does. The studs rip off each others clothes then Trevor does what he does so well, deepthroating his "straight" buddy. Jakes talent seems to be in tea bagging his new friend, tongue tickling the boys sack as Trevor kneels over Jake's face. Another thing the poor girl is clueless about is her boyfriend loves to get fucked by big cock. This scene includes two of the hottest Fratboy bodies. You get an enjoyable view from any angle, whether its Trevor's smooth, chiseled butt as the slams into Jake's ass from behind, or Jakes hard cock bouncing up and down as he gets reamed doggie style. Then jake hops on top of Trevor's fat pole and rides him like a bitch, until all the butt slamming causes him to blows his load with an ass full of dick, twitching with pleasure.
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