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Description: Paying your respects to the dead can be an upsetting experience – and very understandably so – but, as youthful Johny Cruz discovers here, it can too be a somewhat dangerous one, likewise. For it's here among the tombs and gravestones of a quiet Prague suburb that the chap is subjected to an unprovoked assault by Benjamin Dunn, who just now abducts the youngster and takes him back to where Sam Williams is awaiting in a nearby derelict building. If that sounds like a somewhat provocative, nearly disturbing experience to view then rest confident u're gorgeous close to the mark; but (as so often with sex and violence) it's likewise greatly stimulating. A sentiment that's quickly athletic upon when Williams and Dunn just now start to take erotic advantage of their captive – much to Cruz's clear gratification. Truly, any resistance that the boy displayed in the opening moments of the drama is promptly abandoned; with Cruz's violent hard-on serving as testimony to his appreciation of the uninvited attention. And let's be perfectly honest, attention is almost all definitely what this guy acquires from the 2 other chaps; literally ripping the garments from his back and forcing him to engulf their weenies. It's not exactly an elementary see per se; and it receives even greater quantity brutal when Williams forces his wang up the chap's a-hole. But the piece de la resistance comes when Dunn and his co-conspirator come to a conclusion to double-fuck their sufferer, previous to squirting 1st goo and then void urine all over his face! Smth that Cruz himself evidentally enjoys given his own cum-discharged. In short, a brutal, hardcore show in each sense, but one that grabs u by the nuts to make u squeal in delight!
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