Jacob Dolce - Lucian Fair

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Description: Lucian Fair is quick to join gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce in the Jacuzzi when he arrives on the rooftop patio, but then again any sane guy would. He's eagerly welcomed, of course, the two boys are soon making out and getting started on some mid-afternoon BoyFun. Luckily they're far enough away from any other buildings that young Jacob can hop up onto the edge of the Jacuzzi for adorable blond boy Lucian to start sucking on his rigid young cock. His perfect pink prick is soon oozing precum while Lucian's mouth slides along the tasty young meat, the boy's foreskin slipping over the bulbous red tip while his friend slurps and strokes him, a little deep sucking seemingly making his shaft even harder. Naturally, his own long cock is equally as stiff when Jacob decides it's his turn to swallow some hard young dick, delivering the same kind of skilled sucking as he takes Lucian's length deep, taking a momentary break to suck on the boy's saggy balls. The smooth boys can't stop there, they don't care if someone can see as Lucian offers his snug little hole to take some deep fucking at the side of the Jacuzzi, his cock and balls bouncing while he gets it raw from behind. His cute little butt takes it even deeper when the two move to the comfort of a nearby sun lounger, the fit blond boy sliding up and down on the throbbing erection inside him, taking a break to get another taste before impaling himself on the warm length once again. It's no wonder his cock spews so much cum so spectacularly, that bare dick feels awesome inside his hole. With his own length spent he's soon jerking of his friend and licking the tip, making Jacob sling a big and powerful wad of goo! With a final taste of his buddy's leaking cock the boys head back to the warmth of the water and we're left wondering how long it will be before that dick is right back inside that tight little hole for another round.
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