Post-match blues get banged away as Paul Walker gives his mate’s ass a locker room workout! HD

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Description: Let’s face it folks, who wouldn’t feel a bit overawed by finding themselves alone in a locker-room with the one and only Paul Walker? Well, that’s certainly the impression that Jake Kelvin gives when the two of them return from action on the pitch – and it doesn’t take many seconds for the ever-assured Walker to take full advantage of the situation. Clearly sensing that he’s set for another easy fuck, the young stallion’s got Kelvin down on the floor in order to pay homage to that meaty, cut knob of his – and believe us, any initial awkwardness is promptly dismissed as Kelvin savours every rampant inch that his fuck-buddy can thrust in his direction.Not that a fellow of Walker’s disposition is ever gonna be content with a mere blowjob, mind – no matter how enthusiastic it might be! No, what this stud wants is a taste of that tight little asshole that he knows is nestled between Kelvin’s butts; and needless to say it’s no time at all before that’s exactly what the fellow is enjoying! The pleasure’s not all one-way traffic, however. Kelvin responds with understandable relish at having eight inches of dick pushed into his guts; and, having bounced up and down on Walker’s pogo-stick, accommodates the oversized shaft from behind like a long-term pro! It’s enough to bring out the animal in anyone – and Walker responds accordingly, banging away with typical verve and energy. Suffice it to say it’s not long before both lads are ready to hit the back of the net, producing a veritable cascade of jizz that leaves both cocks well-drained and satisfied. Just like yours, no doubt!
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