Spit Roast For One

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Description: Two's fun, but three gets you a spit roast, as left to right: Gustave, Logan and Gilbert play tag. Okay, it's not tag; it's more like "tapped." Out of their clothes and into one another, the trio has a good time, asking you to "cum" along with these Boykakke.com models. Packing a big one, Gilbert has Logan suck on his, then his and Gustave's to "warm" things up. All three have honkin' big cocks, and they're not afraid to use them, either end. Giving a bit of "suck and tug," Logan is sandwiched in the middle, happily; he sure can work a cock, or two. Spit roasted, the bottom relies on his "openings" for a good time. Taking turns on the boy, Gilbert starts the anal antics, but Gustave has the final "stay" inside Logan before they all take their turn and blow. With a creamy ending, Gustave "glosses" up Logan's lips, followed by Gilbert and then Logan, who finishes on his groin; the threesome have left quite a trail of pleasure.
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