Mike and Bernard

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Description: The only two gay males in their village, Mike and Bernard have been drinking beer and then cool off with a shower. Turned on by Mike's smooth twink body, Bernard starts to kiss him and reaches under his towel to stroke that huge black cock. Mike responds by going down on Bernard, stroking and sucking his monster. The two need to piss away the beer they drank and take turns showering each other in urine. Mike tries to lower himself onto Bernard cock, but his ass is too tight. Bernard needs to piss again and Mike's ebony body is shiny once more. Bernard decides to let Mike fuck him, and having his ass pounded makes Bernard want to piss again. Mike drinks as much as he can and the rest runs down his torso. Then Mike pisses all over Bernard's back. Mike kneels on the wet floor, and Bernard fucks him doggy style. In the missionary position, Bernard's massive cock disappears inside Mike, as his balls slap his smooth ass. The two lay side-by-side and start jacking off. Mike shoots all over his stomach, and then eats his seed. Bernard follows with an explosive cum shot that Mike quickly licks up.
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