Sportin' Wood Part One

Duration: 2min 04sec Views: 956 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Working the field, these two twinks soon find "other balls" to manipulate. David's in the yellow shirt and Noe in white, but not for long. Hmmm, seems like these two are wagering the shirts off their backs, and much more. "Abundant," each boy goes down to slobber; damn, more than a mouthful. With the camera close, Noe feeds on David. When it's David turn to "choke," the cutie does quite an impressive job; tip to taint is serviced. Using his hand to "cover" what his throat can't, David is all about being a "team player." Actually, both he and Noe are "going into overtime," as this two-parter, is just getting started. Hell, "cum" on back and see what happens in the "end."
Channel: Zbuckz - SDBoy
Categories: Twinks