The Helpful Yardboy

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Description: Nicolas, the sexy yardboy, is working on Jordans' "tree." As the models stop to get reinvigorated, looks like Jordans' tree isn't the only thing Nicolas will be tending. Dropping to suck Nicolas' cock, Jordans' face goes balls deep. When the pair 69, all of Nicolas' attention goes right to Jordans' hole. As the top, Nicolas' thick "trunk" takes a bit to "excavate," but the bottom is up for the toil. Humping Jordan, the two synch nicely and move around the deck; as a "landscaper," positioning is everything. While the bottom rides, Nicolas grabs Jordans' underwear to get his full scent. Wanting to add his odor to the bottom's face, Nicolas jerks with his partner adding a finger for sensation. Once Nicolas cums, the jizz is shared. On his knees and creaming his partner, Jordan then combines all the aromas.
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