Military Boys Reenlisted

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Description: Fuck, I've had the pleasure of filming very hot military personnel. "Reenlisting" some footage from the past, get ready for a "ruck-up" as one Navy guy and four Marines "band" together. The first boy looks like he runs a "tight" ship; his abs and V are in tip-top shape. Getting "all hands on deck," check out those nice pits; damn, even his hole is "camouflaged" with hair. Blowing his load, he says he's now ready to start his day; I'll just wait in his bunk. Next, a group of Marine boys sit around and "chub up" to porn. The banter and action really brings out their "Semper Fi" attitude. While they joke and tug, comparisons begin. They start to "eye fuck" one another to see who is the "hard charger" of the bunch. By the time they "unload their guns," the lube is half gone and the "cumradery" is in full motion. Shooting "across their bows," that "young shit" does fly. One by one, they then "circle up" in the shower, never leaving a man behind.
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