Young Lovers

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Description: Long time boyfriends Malcolm, in the black shirt and Abel, in the grey, head inside for some fun. Malcolm, who will top, teases Abel about what he's been "up to." Assuring his boyfriend that no one has his attention besides he, Abel, the bottom, begins to kiss his "novio" very affectionately. Playfully, they remove one another's pants; nice use of feet, Abel. For, enjoy these two as they use every inch of the couch, and one another. Zoomed in, you can almost count the hairs as Abel's oral abilities are very evident. As he is blown, the top also work's the bottom's hole with his wet fingers. Grinding and then rimming, Malcolm eats up before sliding in. The top also stands and pushes Abel onto his cock then puts him into a missionary position; both are very "able." Close, the top pulls Abel's head back to aim into the boy's open mouth, drenching his face as well; the love is "written" all over his expression. The bottom then tugs until he repays the "flavor" into Malcolm's open mouth, perfection.
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