Joey Rico's Workout

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Description: Following Joey Ricco, films while the stud "works it out," first in the gym, then on the bed. Watching the boy pump iron gets me hard; his sweat drips and my temperature rises. Walking into the room, his moist t-shirt is soon removed as a very fit Joey sits on the bed and "works out" again for us. Lubing up a dildo, he slides it in and amuses himself with "both toys." Offering myself, "if you want the real thing," Joey hops aboard and enjoys the more "natural toy." Pumping from below, I do like to watch just how firm his body is, as it bounces atop me. We change positions, putting his legs up and jerking; shit, he's got a set of well-defined abs. Close, I add some lube." Getting close too, Joey breathes in deeply and blows out a load, nice "workout."
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