In the Hunt

Duration: 1min 18sec Views: 2 114 Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Wasting no time, Hunter, in the plaid shirt, but not for long, sits back and reaps the rewards of Zack's mouth and hands. Liking what he feels, Hunter will top Zack, after he's had a taste. This video is about satisfaction and getting it, hard. Done with the oral, the two lube up and, "slip" on down. Bouncing on Hunter's meat, Zack pulls his sack out of the way to get a "clean" view. Having Hunter pound from below, the bottom "spanks" him a lot. "Impaled" on his side, both recover and continue to fuck, and be fucked. With it being an "open-hole season," Zack hangs on as his partner hits the spot, like a Mac Truck. Arching his back and spreading his cheek, the bottom is a good sport as he allows "full ass-ess." Pulling out and blowing on Zack, Hunter seems satisfied with his "catch."
Channel: Zbuckz - SDBoy