Delivery Boy Flip Flop

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Description: Damn, those Latin boys know how to "deliver a package." As the two check over the boxes and each other, films to make sure everyone is satisfied with this flip fuck. Filipe, in the yellow bandanna, shares with Riky; both kiss, fondle and get naked. Licking and loving each other's large cocks and bodies, the twinks blow one another before fucking. Slapping Felipe's ass with his cock and hand, Riky then fingers his boy's hole. "In" return, Felipe gauges Riky's "winker" as well. Climbing atop Riky's shaft, Felipe bounces and grinds; they both re-position while still "connected." Zooming in, Riky pounds, giving the delivery boy more than "just the tip." Taking in all of his partner, Felipe gasps as he is again atop, then they switch. Watching Riky go all the way down onto Felipe's cock is so fucking hot. The pair "burrows" against one another. Getting close, Felipe jerks and splashes up onto Riky's face. "Turn-a-face" is fair play, so Felipe offers his cheek to Riky, who blows all over it.
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