Pooling Around Part 2

Duration: 1min 18sec Views: 940 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Still "deep" into one another, the top's thick cock gauges the boy's hole as they "make waves." A very nice above look shows Matias all in while Gabriel holds on tight. Changing positions, the bottom rides while his partner moans on. Tasting his own flavor, the bottom then goes back to blowing that huge piece of meat before "saddling up" another time. Thrusting from below, Matias stretches his boy from all angles; the sounds alone are "fucking awesome." Sucking his partner this time, Matias can't hold back and "splashes" up onto Gabriel's face. Jerking himself, Gabriel adds to the pool's water level and Matias is right there to clean up. "Finger licking good," these two are definitely "refreshed."
Channel: Zbuckz - SDBoy