Netting A Hole

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Description: Okay, enough with the "fish;" these two are buddies, in the end, fuck buddies that is. Roby's wearing the ball cap and Nestor's sporting the other type of hat, whatever the hell that is. Doing what Latino boys do best, one another, this is going to be a hot two-part video; don't forget to bring your "rod" and see what you can catch. Roby goes down on Nestor's sizeable cock, sucking and face fucking commences as the foreplay heats up. Falling out of his overalls, Roby enjoys the warmth of his partner's mouth. Back and forth they go until Roby bends Nestor over for a taste of something deeper. Also wanting something "deeper," Nestor spits and slides into his partner's hole. The camera pans below and we get a nice look at just how "tight" these buddies are. Quivering from the sensation, Roby then wants to use his "rod" but not on fish. Part two has the boys flopping around some more.
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