Plowing A Boy

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Description: Farmyard boys David and Karolis, with the blonde highlights, take some time to fuck. Playfully David, who will top, rubs Karolis' cock, "butt" we know what he really wants. Stripping, they 69 and suck. Enjoying their oral skills, Karolis then rolls to his back, grabs his legs and lets David all the way in. Hitting "the spot" from the start, this pair just keeps on fucking, in different positions. Taking the bottom from behind, our models are really into one another; okay, maybe it's just David "into" Karolis. Swallowing the top's thick cock, Karolis continues to position his hole in order to feel every inch. Thrusting from underneath, David then puts his partner on all fours before he blows his load. Kneeling over his bottom boy, David jerks, leaving his "mark" on his partner; something tells me this is not the first time David has "plowed that field," nor the last.
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