Patio Playtime Part One

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Description: Emerson's cleaning his face, when Saul comes up behind him. Rocking their bodies together, looks like both these boys just want some patio playtime. "Rico," is right, these two are scrumptious. Grinding their cocks together, both guys are already hard and ready to fuck; the foreplay for these two hotties is over, time to deep-throat. Saul "heads" south and sucks, as does Emerson. Both have sizeable cocks and they are both versatile. Stripping down, Emerson can't keep his mouth off of Saul's cock; I don't blame the boy, those balls look so ripe. Sitting back in the wash basin, Saul begs Emerson to "chupa;" like he really needs to beg someone to suck him. Happy to comply, Emerson also wants to taste the backside of this boy; he turns Saul around and starts rimming him. Not to be left out, Saul does the same on Emerson and then lubes up for some fuck-time. Part two has both these "playmates" sharing their toys.
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