Profiles Of Passion

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Description: Looking for a hook-up, both Preston and Joey are horny and searching for a cock. Checking out each other's online profiles seems like they can put away the technology and get tactual. Getting some action going, the boys find what their looking for, on the same bed. Preston is quite impressed with Joey's hot body and savors all the right spots; fuck Preston's a lucky guy. Joey reciprocates with some tongue of his own. With a "come on" from Preston, Joey sucks long and hard, all the way down Preston's shaft. Pushing Joey back onto his back, Preston will be topping, and Joey will be enjoying all the fruits of the top's labor. Lubing up and fingering Joey's sweet hairy hole, Preston gets ready to slide in; these guys are ripe for the watching. "Yeah, push in on my cock," moans the top as his meat glides in and has the bottom gasping from the get go; a welcoming hole is always a great place to be. Fucking, Preston gives a "that's so nice," as he continues to thrust; up close, I have to agree. Rolling the bottom boy over, this sexy pair find better and better positions to enjoy one another; Preston's balls deep and their contrast of skin is arousing. It won't be long before both "cream up" and add even more color to their bodies.
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