Robert Pounds Thiago Hard and Raw

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Description: Aye papi! Look what we have today, two Latinos with no one to do, but each other. Robert will be toping Thiago for our site; you know, they always say it's "for the money," but with these two, I'd say it's something "much deeper." The boys sit apart, but not for long; good thing they're both wearing baggy pants. Thiago goes over and licks all over Robert; the cock that pops out of Robert's underwear is about as thick as I've ever seen. Thiago's in for one big ride; a "cornucopia" meant to feed a hungry hole. Getting a look at the boy, Robert has the bottom strip and bend over; Robert's face can't get in Thiago's ass fast enough. Eating, spitting, biting and slapping at Thiago, Robert's all about the foreplay. After a bit more fun, Robert slides in his "horn" and buries himself deep. Thiago takes all of it at once; I think these two have been "up" to some practice before the cameras rolled. Fucking him hard and raw, Robert goes "all in" to Thiago's hole. Pounding away, it doesn't take this "dragon" long before he is ready to spew his "fire," next time.
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