Slap Happy & Sloppy

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Description: In the shower and soaping up his cock, Colt tugs a nice one, when Derek come in and "helps." The two models get fully clean, before they get dirty again. Derek goes to his knees to "hoover" Colt's nice thick cock, swallowing it like a hungry chick. On the bed, Colt services the bottom boy on all levels, while porn arouses the auditory senses. Smiling and moaning, "fuck yeah," Derek "holds open the door" while the top enters with his tongue. Once in, with his cock, Colt immediately speeds up; some nice footage confirms what a "slap happy" pairing this is. The two then go missionary, fast. Colt's pounding only intensifies as Derek's dick swells; once his legs go over his head, the top gains even more leverage and both enjoy the position. Stopping only to re-position and lap at Derek's hole, Colt enjoys the rippling of the bottom's ass. Into a hard, steady rhythm, the bottom moans, "fuck me." Sweaty and closer, they both are amazed, and amazing, at the man on man sensations. With a bit more kissing and plowing, Derek is now tugging on himself, with a hand from Colt. I don't know who will blow first; I'm kinda betting on myself, if these two go much longer. The top then pulls out and kneels over the bottom as they jerk. Blowing first, Colt hits Derek's torso which has him blowing right behind, after he cleans up Colt's cock. Looking at all the mess, Derek seems pretty sloppy, just the way we like it.
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