Salsa Twinks Finisimo

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Description: Carrying on with the marathon-o-fun for, Josh is still in our boy Dylan; looks like Dylan knows how to ride his buddy well. These two are like sex, with sticks; fuck, the couch is going to have a "sweet smell" after these two are done with it. Joshua trades and "bums a ride" on Dylan; a little "prostate pampering" is good for everyone. Again going like rabbits in all kinds of positions, Dylan is a hot top; takes a bottom to know how good it feels having a boy in you. Looking for more leverage, Dylan throws Joshua up against a table and rails him, every which way but loose. Showing his Latin passion, Dylan also adds some "juices" to Joshua's backside and rubs it in for good measure. Close, Dylan puts Joshua on his knees ready to gobble down all he "stroked up." Switching places, Dylan knees to enjoy Joshua's "hard work." We are lucky enough to have them on film, but something tells me, camera or no camera, this is just another "day in the life" of these hot twinks; lucky boys.
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