Mark Tyler & Marcus Rides Part One

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Description: The sexy 23yo Mark Tyler heads to the shower only to be joined by 25yo Marcus Rides. Look at that tender juicy rump roast on Mark. That's as good a looking as any prime beef I've seen on a young man, WOW! No steak knife needed here. They kiss, play and stroke each other's dicks and decide to dry off and head to the bed. They continue with the foreplay and then Marcus starts sucking Mark's cock. Not long after, Mark takes charge and rolls Marcus over on his back and plays "pin the tail on the donkey" with his cock on Marcus hole. He reaches down and guides his raw cock inside Marcus and we hear "hee haw" or is that "yee haw?" The action is just getting started when our producer thought it would be funny to insert the dreaded "to be continued." Download the full video at
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