Kevin Reed & Joey Rico

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Description: After a good workout at the gym, Kevin and Joey head back to their bed for more exercise. "Let's burn some extra calories," suggests Kevin. Joey agrees with a kiss and caress; rolling into an embrace, they play with each other's dicks. I think their SDBoys video is going to help all of us burn some calories. Kevin goes down on his workout partner's dicks and then continues to caress and kiss him all over. Joey takes over and sucks Kevin's cock; "oh fuck" says Kevin, as he is watching his partner enjoy the oral affection. Lying on top of each other, they kiss and touch, and then Joey goes atop to ride Kevin's cock. Balls deep from the start, they seem very adept at their workout. As Joey watches Kevin's reaction to his rocking, Kevin moans, "oh fuck;" Joey's dick wags in delight. Feeling his partner deep within him, Joey also says, "Oh fuck yeah" as he continues the pleasurable motion. Download Full Video @ SDBOY.COM.
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