Kye Gives This Pizza Boy a Delivery of His Own

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Description: Carlos, the Italian looking pizza boy with his jet black hair and sexy olive brown skin, is just ripe for Kye to dip his hungry cock into. The pizza gets tossed aside and the kissing and cock sucking starts in the kitchen. Naturally Kye takes the lead and he places Carlos up on the kitchen bench with his legs up high so his hole is exposed right to the camera (and Kye's eager cock of course)! Soon Carlo's feels Kye's thick bare dick plowing into him and lets out little whimpers as he tolerates Kye's manmeat within him. Kye is relentless and goes on to fuck the poor pizza boy in heaps more sexy gay fuck positions that you will get off on watching. But near the end Kye plays a classically hot move - he pulls his cock out from Carlos's tight ass, cums over his raw hole then immediately plows it back in, smearing his sperm into Carlo's ass. Just one of the scenes in Bareback Reunion.
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