Pumping the Action

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Description: Working a circle suck these three StraightRentBoys.com cuties use their oral skills to get things started. Eric, the blonde, has Chad continue while Ajay takes a "lick" at Chad's ass. Putting Chad's hole to good use, Ajay slides in and a nice spit roast "cums" on the menu; damn that Latino top knows how to grind on a boy. "Show him what you're working with," quips Chad as he makes room for Ajay to fuck Eric. Climbing atop Eric, Chad "inserts" himself and they all go at it. As they all blow their loads, Eric is the "go on" guy. Mike Robbins lies back and watches as Keith Stone goes to town. The two then trade off back and forth as their cocks are "slobbed" on. Mike even takes some time to face fuck his partner before blowing. Unloading, Mike shoots first; he "blinds" Keith with his heavy load. Keith has his fun too, leaving a "happy trail."
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