Spring Break Challenge 2

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Description: After "givingith," Damion is going to "getith." Dropping his drawers, looks like Wisconsin is "packing." As Alex bends over and swallows, Damion "rises" to the occasion quickly; shit, this straight boy is definitely a "feast" for the throat. Even standing, Alex just follows wherever the shlong goes. When I ask about, "who gives better head?" Damion says, "I do see what the fuss is all about now;" we boys do have a way with cock. Lying down and breathing heavier, Alex is doing a great "job" of it; I say you're always good at what you love." Alex comes up for air and Damion takes over, with both hands. Watching some porn helps the straight boy, as the gay "boys" look on. Blowing, Damion shoots up onto his chest; damn, he's the "cheesiest." I invite him back for lots more, we'll see if this bountiful boy continues to "explore" during his Spring Break.
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