Hungry For More

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Description: Coming back, in a big way, we have Yonny Gomez. He did a scene a while ago and wants more Straight Rent Boys. Like the last guy he was with, Yonny likes them straight because to him, they are "more masculine." This is his lucky day, we have Brain and James. Offering a choice, Yonny wants both; spoken like a true gay slut. And when I ask what Yonny wants, he quickly responds, "I want to do it all;" did I mention he is a gay slut? Starting with Brian, Yonny sucks his uncut Latino cock well. As I film, James is in the background, starting to get himself hard. I then have James stand up to "share his happiness" with the eager Yonny. Both straight guys help Yonny; they stand on either side of Yonny and have big, thick cocks. Now seated, Brian takes Yonny's head and pushes it down onto James' cock, "let's see how far you can go?" Brian tasks Yonny with a big challenge, but I think we all know, Yonny is more than willing. Once alternating between the cocks, I ask who sucks better, guys or girls. Without hesitation, Brian says "Yonny," James just smiles. Feeling a little more comfortable, James starts to "help" Yonny with Brian's cock as they both slide up and down on it with their tongues. I want to chat with Yonny more, but as you can see, he isn't having it, the talking I mean; he just won't take his mouth of these boys. I then ask Yonny, not to talk, but to rim Brian. Lifting Brian's legs with ease, Yonny goes right in for a full taste; Brian moans in surprise and settles in. Yonny goes back to his cock, Brian says, "I'm about to cum," and flows over his head and shaft, right onto Yonny's waiting mouth and face. Smearing and eating all the cream, Yonny is overjoyed at his "cum-upance." Seeing if James will now fuck Yonny, the straight guy responds, "sure." Well, it seems that Yonny is in for more Straight Rent Boys, slut.
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