Alec & Chad Barebacking the Straight Boy

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Description: Our two models Chad Stevens and Alec Blair are here today to get down to it. Chad is a gay boy and for our treat, he'll be barebacking Alec, who's straight. Neither seem to have a problem with the scene for so get your lube and play along as Chad pops a cherry hole. Alec drops to his knees and makes Chad moan, "more, please." I guess chad's cock cannot tell Alec is straight; watching Alec's head bob, I don't think Chad cares. Taking one for the team, Alec bends over the back of the futon. "You are tight," quips Chad as he has to re-position the bottom; "pop it up a little" requests Chad determined to get in that hole. Going in balls deep from the start, Alec gasps and then relaxes. From the back, Chad's low hangers bounce against the bottom's taint, nice. On his back, Alec seems to be liking the sensation as he whimpers and moans. After a nice plundering, Chad quickly pulls out and blows a nice-sized load onto his partner. Alec follows with a hot long jerk, he then warns he is going to cum. As he releases a sweet load onto his torso, I can't help but think that Alec is a natural bottom, regardless of his sexual orientation. Download the full video here!
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