Valentino & Preston

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Description: Valentino wearing glasses, is 23 and our straight but curious boy is Preston, 21. Valentino has recently come out of the closet and still experimenting. This is the first time with another guy for Preston. I suggest they start out by kissing and I asked Preston "does it feel weird to kiss another guy?" and he replies "not really, just close your eyes." Now they take off their shirts and continue with the kissing and Valentino reaches over and twists a nipple. Preston seems to be taking charge as he lays Valentino back on the bed while still kissing and helps Valentino out of his pants. Then Preston gets a little help taking his off and Valentino wastes no time in grabbing a handful of cock. Apparently Preston's cock doesn't know the difference between a girls hand or a guys as it has no problem getting hard. After feeling one another up, off come the boxers and on go the lips as they maneuver into a 69 position. Now we start to hear the moans and groans. I think Prestons' pleased to be exploring his curiosity... and so is his hard cock! I think it's obvious by now that Preston is a quick learner when it comes to sucking a dick. Valentino starts to rim Prestons virgin ass while Preston continues sucking Valentino's cock. Even while sucking a dick, we hear Preston moan and groan as he gets rimmed. Rolling Preston back over on his back, Valentino starts sucking and jerking Preston and we're soon rewarded with a great cumshot from Preston. Valentino has a little surprise of his own for us. You'll have to watch the video to find that out. Download the full video here!