Nu and Christoper

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Description: Nu is back; yes, he still has the ankle bracelet, but not for long. I remind him that this is our new, yet his old studio, we are filming in; what goes around cums around, twice if you're me, filming these boys. The futon will be used today for an oral scene; Nu is down with it, but Christopher is not ready to, "suck a guy's cock." I remind him that a girl's pussy is not as clean; Nu agrees, but still loves going down on a girl. As we chat, both guys are laying down some rules: no kissing; Nu wants Christopher to get him off if he gets Christopher off; if they were on a deserted island, Nu would suck dick to get off, Christopher would stay, eating coconuts. Anyway, we'll see what the magic of the futon will bring. Nu starts by going down on Christopher; they are both watching straight porn. As Nu sucks up and down Christopher's head and shaft, Christopher starts to breathe heavy, redden and whisper, "oh yeah." He agrees it, "feels good;" I notice he's now watching Nu do him more than the porn. Download the full HD video at
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