Vince and Koya Finale

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Description: It's time for Vince to work his magic; Kayo is going to be blown, for the first time, ever. According to Kayo he doesn't, "get turned on easily;" can someone please let Kayo know he's about to get the "wet vac special?" Kayo is understandably nervous as he removes his jeans and allows Vince to take a mouth full. I tell Vince to "slob on the nob," Eddie chimes in with, "like corn on the cob," but neither boy is up for a laugh, Vince is working hard and Kayo is working at getting hard. I think Kayo's facial expressions tell the real story; I do tell Vince about doing Kayo like a Slurpee, Eddie thinks it's more like a pussy. Now that Vince has Kayo hard, he adds in some extra suction and Kayo starts to guide Vince's head to heighten his pleasure. Download the full HD video at
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