AlexBoys Harry - Just 18

Duration: 1min 04sec Views: 759 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Right after Harry's 18th birthday we made this solo video. In all other sets with him so far, you can see how he is in charge and leads the show and how much he likes what he is doing.This set is different. You can see his insecurities, you can see him hesitating and being like a little puppy dog at times. He learns a lot about what he is doing, trying to improve, making up his mind about what's good or not. Every "next time" he will be different, or let's say he'll improve.He appears rather sweet in this set and these super short pants make it even extra sexy. It is hard to describe - you have to feel it for yourself. I call it "that special something" - and he has it!
Categories: Solo